Monday, January 26, 2009

Model Cars

I remember putting together model cars with my dad. I can't remember how it started. I just know that he used to make them when he was young. When he got married and had us kids I think he stopped for a while. I think my mom got tired of dusting them and finally got him to get rid of them. Then one day he decided to take it up again. I think my brother wanted to build some army stuff or got a kit for Christmas or something and dad got into it again.

I can't remember why I got started making them with him. Perhaps it was the fun colours he always spray painted them. Maybe it was that I saw him doing something crafty and thought it looked like fun. Possibly the smell of the model glue lured me in...

Whatever it was that attracted me to it, I was hooked. Dad and I built many cars together. He always got me to work with the tiny pieces that were just to small for his man-fingers. And I always got him to explain what each piece was since I didn't know anything about engines (still don't actually...). He always let me pick out my own model and a spray paint colour. And he even let me spray paint some stuff. And I always got to put the decals on the cars.

As the years went by, I lost interest and I think he did too. I think I stopped first and he made one or two more and then he stopped too. I think it came to the point of "hey, what do we do with all of these cars???" And once again I think mom was stuck dusting them all.

I'm glad I had the chance to do something like that with dad. We didn't really talk much while we built the cars, but it was time spent working on stuff together and that in itself says a lot. I think mom has some of those cars in the basement somewhere. I might have to dig one up and keep it...

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